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What We Should Do

To start I want to share the processes that we will put into place to generate leads and actual clients for KreeAtive. 

Meta Ads & Facebook Pixel

The biggest thing to remember for Meta ads, is that it’s something that I like to call ‘impulse advertising’. Whatever your goal may be (generally sales or leads) it convinces customers to make a purchase when they see the ad. They aren’t normally looking for “renovations near me” on Facebook, you want to try and target an impulse decision where someone sees your ad and says ‘oh yeah, I want this product now.” 

Below are some ads that we run for another business to show you how this works.

Google AdWords

My rule of thumb when running ads is that it’s never Clicks, Impressions or Likes that pay the bills: It is always Sales and Conversions. 

When you have a proper Google Adwords campaign, it can be an extremely powerful tool. It can put somebody that is looking for your exact services, right on your landing page!

The idea is you can stop wasting money on people who are not likely to make a sale with you and get straight to the right clients. 


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a long-term commitment. What it does is make your webpage more friendly to Google or search engine of choice. The idea is that it will pop up higher on Google, without having to pay for ads.

What Your Ads Could Look Like

Our Process For Building Client Bases


Month One

The first month is all about Data Collection. It helps narrow down your customer base to start showing ads to the right people, and what ads will preform best to get started. 

Trying to narrow down a higher quality lead takes time and a lot of testing. The first month is often slow, but proper data collection helps make advancements in future campaigns.


Month Two

Continue to Grow a Baseline customer base through Facebook and Google Ads.

Start Doing simple re-marketing campaigns to target guests that know the brand and have visited the website, but haven’t pulled the trigger on a purchase or inquiry. 

Continue working on the website SEO to be able to have more natural clicks from people looking for your company.


Month Three

Use Facebook/Google ads to continue finding new customers that have not tried your brand while still marketing to your current market base for steady sales.

At this point, it becomes a combination of balancing a steady stream of people already familiar with your brand while still growing your customer base.


Current Results


The company lives by the no-contract rule. We feel like we should earn your business month to month and provide the best service we can: day in and day out. The first month, however, is a lot of data collection. It is slow and requires patience; however, the outcomes of proper data collection are enormous. 

If there are any questions I can answer for you, please feel free to call or text me anytime at 833 727 2022 


Hope to hear from you soon,