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Your Secret Weapon, At Your Fingertips.

Figuring out digital marketing can be… confusing. It looks like alphabet soup half the time. You have to worry about PPC, CPL, CPM, UX, UI, SEO. Just makes you want to say OMG. 

That’s where we come in! Digital Experts made to clear up the mess and make it make sense to you! 

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Every Client Needs To Make a Return On Investment. Just Good Business.

We’ve all been there. Bought this service, or that software that is going to fix all our problems, and all it does is drain money from your account. Our goal is to make sure you make a return on your investment, every time. 

Our Vision

Grow The Passion Of Local Entrepreneurs.

Your business is your passion, and growing your dream into a realty is ours.
Our Mission

We Want To Earn Your Business.

The reason we have no contracts is because we want to earn your business every month. We want you to be proud of your results!
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What we offer

Tools That Actually Grow Your Brand With None Of The Fluff.

Website Development

Your website is your first impression to the world. Let's make it beautiful, intriguing, capturing and most of all... lets make it you!

Landing Page Construction

Not all pages are about looking pretty. Some are made to make you money! We build landing pages that convert clicks into clients.

Digital Marketing

More then 2 Billion people log into Facebook every day. Let us get your message to the right customers at the right time.

Lead Generation

Your the expert on your product, and we are the experts on finding you customers. Let us find the client, so you can focus on the sale.

Brand Identity

Looking to start a business, or going through a change, and don't know where to start? Let's build a brand that speaks to your audience!

Search Engine Optimization

Want to become #1 on Google for your field? It's a process and takes time, but we'll show the world where you deserve to be... At the top!

Your Team Of Digital Nerds.

We may be experts in web design, lead generation, and even SEO; but that doesn’t speak to who we are. At the core of EMARKET is amazing people that are passionate about music, life, our families, (and if we’re on a blind date) long walks on the beach. We believe in great results and even better people. Come get to know us!

How it Works

The 'Easy For You' Process

Free Consultations

No Charge! We just want to hear about you, your business, and your goals. Give us a call, we would love to listen!

Customized Plan

After the consultation we will sned you a customized plan of what we will put into action. Includes FREE Tips!

Testing & Analysis

With a new business, we want to get all the data and info we can. To keep more money in your pocket!

Reporting & Repeat

Digital Marketing is all about consistent testing, finding out what works, and improving. Progress is the goal!

Making Growing Your Business Easy For You.

Your a business owner, you know what it's like. It feels like herding cats, but harder. Let EMARKET tame the digital beasts for you. We make the web less wild, so you can actually enjoy the safari from your desk chair. Let's do the heavy lifting, while you take the credit (and the coffee breaks).
Happy To Help, Whenever You Need.
Much like every investment, you need to make sure it goes right. Whenever you have a question or suggestion, let us know and we will jump on it ASAP.
Boost Traffic & Sales

It's never likes or comments that pay the bills. You need sales, leads, and actual results!


Client Ratings

Customizable & Scaleable Solutions
Your business changes over time. So should your marketing. No one size fits all plans, something made uniquely for you, everytime!
Premium Support

(833) 727-2022

Located anywhere in the world? Call our world wide home base number and get transferred to the person best suited for your support!

Featured Projects

Looking For Inspiration? Check Out Some Of Our Amazing Clients!

Lead Generation

Get Driving Today


Devon Chrysler


Nov 2021


Devon, AB



Devon Chrysler is a car dealership in Alberta, and like most dealers, tired of buying sub-par leads that don’t turn into sales. GDT was the first (of 4) lead-generation platforms we created and manage for them.

Web Design & social Media

KreeAtive Renovations


KreeAtive Homes


Feb 2023


Sicamous, BC



KreeAtive Renovations & Design Co needed a brand new website overhaul and social media to introduce themselves to their new clients in the Okanagan. New projects, and goals achieved!

Digital Marketing

LCF Flooring


Lidia Contract


March 2023


Edmonton, AB



LCF was lacking customers. Through EMARKET, LCF currently has campaigns for every type of flooring, and gets daily leads with all of the information they need for a quick sale.

Web Design

Bling Spec Truck Wash


D. Walker


Jan 2024


Taupō, NZ


In Progress

Damian bought Bling Spec in 2021 and made it his passion to turn it to the best car/truck wash in New Zealand. We are honoured to be able to help create an amazing website to reflect his business! 

Brand & Website Design

The Natural Escape


The Thomas Family


Nov 2023


Okanagan, BC



The Thomas Family created an amazing retreat meant to reconnect it’s visitors to nature through adventure, wellness and culture. It was one of our more challenging projects to include all of the elements.

Lead Generation

Canadian Auto Approval


Instant Auto Loans


Jan 2023


Edmonton, AB



Instant Auto saw the quality and price of leads we were generating in the automotive industry, and wanted a piece of it. We created landing pages, brand, and ads to generate the best leads possible.

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